Benefits of training for both the organization and employees

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Training and development is an integral part of any organization. If it is not, then the amount of growth the company can attain will be much lower than its potential. Also, it will have a higher attrition rate as the employees feel stagnant and will look for greener pasture elsewhere. Although trainings can be costly and take up valuable working hours, they are essential. Keeping up to date with the trends and the technology and occasional refresher courses will add a new life to both the employee and the organization.

Through training, employees are learning either new things which are relevant to their job or they are learning how they can do their job more efficiently. Both ways, it is beneficial to the employee as he is learning. And any mind that learns is alert and more receptive. Also, the employee will learn things that would help him save time and energy. This will in turn be beneficial to the organization. Many times, the amount of work that can be accomplished takes longer than required due to lack of knowledge or the amount of research required. If the teaching eliminates this and elevates the skills of the employees in the organization, the amount of time spent over such things would be lower and hence more things could be established in that time.

Moreover, an organization which provides ample training with regard to the job description or otherwise is sought after by prospects as they will be sure that their value will increase in the job market. This is essential for an employee they are always looking for enrichment and better pay. As such, if the organization is able to match this requirement, the attrition would be lower in the organization, saving time, effort and money. Also, providing training to improve the skills of its employees should be a core concern for any organization which thinks long term and of retaining valuable assets.

Also, trainings help employees to get to know other people in the same field, if the training is outside the organization or if the organization is huge. This will in turn pave the way for developing different perspectives and they may even be able to come up with ideas to do their jobs better. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to network. Through this, the organization will again benefit in terms of increased productivity, new business maybe and reduction in costs.

If the employee is a front line staff, all the more trainings should be provided by the organization. This will empower the staff with the right skills and mindset. Also, the trainings will help the employee be right on top of the job and deliver excellent service. For the organization, this would mean happy and satisfied customer. This you can read as repeat customers and referrals to friends and families. Hence, the amount of business you get through the excellent service by your employee, as a result of the training the organization provided would be up.

Training and Development team should be a vital part of any organization in order to facilitate the growth of the organization. The benefits of trainings and the costs savings associated with training outweigh the initial cost incurred.

by Wahidabi Sulaiman

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